Top 5 Calcium Rich Foods

It’s a shame that we only get one set of adult teeth. If you lose one, it won’t grow back. However there is one way to feed and nurture your teeth and that is by eating Calcium rich foods! This trace element is very important for healthy, strong bones and muscles but you have to be very conscious about your Calcium intake, because normally people don’t get enough of this important element. If you are a parent, cooking with Calcium rich foods is an even more important factor for you, as this element is essential for growth.

1. Dairy products

Your mom was right when she told you to drink your milk so that you will have strong teeth! Milk and cheese are indeed two of the most commonly known products rich in Calcium.

Parmesan is the best choice of cheese if you would like to increase your Calcium intake.

When choosing dairy products other than cheese, keep in mind that low fat milk and yoghurt usually contains more Calcium than their full fat versions.

2. Green vegetables

Eating leafy, mostly dark or even light green vegetables is not only good for your bones as they are rich in Calcium; these vegetables provide a handful of other important trace elements.

Eat more broccoli, dandelion greens or turnip for a healthier lifestyle!

It is best to eat these vegetables raw so it is always a good choice to blend some delicious green leafy vegetables and make a healthy juice! It will be heavenly!

For salads rather than shakes make a delicious and nourishing meal out of cabbage, cole, kohlrabi or roman lettuce.

3. Pulses

Protein-rich pulses such as green beans, peas, beans or chickpeas don’t only make a nutritious meal by themselves, they are also extremely rich in Calcium.

Try out some new delicious recipes for beans and peas and let yourself fall in love with them, if you are not a fan yet.

4. Oilseeds

Oilseeds including almonds, peanut, walnut and sesame are tasty treats and some of the most Calcium rich foods out there.

Brazil nuts are also a good source of this highly important trace element, as they have more than 200 mg of Calcium in a cup.

If you are a snack-eater, then try replacing crisps with almonds! They are not only rich in Calcium, but they are also good for your digestion, almonds are also a great source of phosphorus and magnesium, which makes this mouthwatering treat a great medicine for your heart and blood vessels.

5. Fish

Herring is probably the richest in Calcium amongst fishes, but it is highly recommended to eat practically any kinds of fish. As well as its’ richness in Calcium, Herring also provides lots of Vitamin D, which is fortunate, because usually our only Vitamin D source is the sun.

Eating canned fish with soft bones are also a great way to increase our Calcium input. If you are going with canned fish, choose sardine, salmon or mackerel.

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