A New Smile In One Day

You can get your new smile by tomorrow

At Perfect Smile’s cosmetic dentistry in both London & Hertford, there is a choice of immediate veneers. Your straight teeth will be visi



Making a smile beautiful in a single visit

Never before has it been feasible to directly create the natural shape and youthful luminance of a tooth, so easily and perfectly in one appointment.

Immediate teeth Veneers (or sometimes also called Instant Direct Veneers) are used to create beautiful looking teeth in a single visit. There are a variety of products including the state-of-the-art Edelweiss or Componeers that are used in this technique to alter the shape form and colour of your teeth. This technique is also a minimally invasive veneer technique which means it is very conservative and preservative in its approach. There are only a handful of dental practices offering this modern veneer technique.

It is now possible to work with these prefabricated veneers (made from patented nano-hybrid composite) using modern laser technology. The shapes of these veneers have been made to create the most pleasing appearance after research and study in the shape of beautiful looking teeth. We can transform either two, four or six front, upper or lower teeth with this process.

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We can usually see new patients within a week. Please note the first appointment is free of charge as we are assessing your dental requirements and explaining to you the range or veneers and costs so that you can be assured you are in capable hands.

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