The Benefits of Calcium

The Different Kinds of Calcium

When you mention the word calcium, most people automatically think of milk, cheese and yogurt.

Calcium is certainly up there when it comes to the most important minerals that the body requires.

It is really vital for the formation and maintenance of bones as well as keeping our nerves and muscles healthy. It also helps our blood clot and keeps our heart functioning at the right levels.

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Premium supplements you can take

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate in it most common form of calcium is normally used in calcium based foods and supplements.

Calcium carbonate is the least expensive of all other calcium supplements.

Calcium Carbonate is predominantly used in supplements and ant-acids such as Tums and Ronnie’s.

Unfortunately this type of calcium is not easily absorbed by the body.

It is better to consume calcium carbonate supplements with food so that it can be absorbed properly by the body.

Calcium Citrate Malate

Calcium citrate has a unique versatility that makes it suitable to be used directly in food and beverages.

Commonly used as a food additive and sometimes used for flavour, most calcium enriched juices and foods will contain calcium citrate.

Its versatility makes it easily accessible in dietary forms and more cost efficient than calcium carbonate.

Calcium citrate malate is the salt of citric acid and malic acid; hence why it has a salty-sour taste, the form of calcium is very easily absorbed by the body.

This form of calcium can be taken on an empty stomach and needs not be accompanied with food.

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