Medical Tattooing in the Heart of London

Everything you need to know about medical micropigmentation and how it can help you

Have you ever felt down about a condition that you have no control over? Well you’re not alone. Over half of us feel insecure about something that cannot be helped, but there are cosmetic treatments that you can go through to help improve your confidence.

Medical micropigmentation, otherwise known as medical tattooing is a great way of improving the appearance of a troubled area with small inputs of pigmentation into the skin. Need further support? Click here.

Micropigmentation offers visual solutions by offering long-lasting colour repair and enhancements to skin on areas of trauma or imperfection.

Medical tattooing includes a number of treatments:

  • Areola treatments to reconstruct the appearance of a nipple
  • Scar camouflage to diminish the look of scars
  • Hair tattoo for hair loss
  • Vitiligo treatment
  • Cleft lip restoration creating a more symmetrical shape

The best medical tattoo technicians

If you’re looking for medical micropigmentation in London or in the surrounding area, we recommend using Natural Enhancement who is based in Kew. All of their treatments are safe and medically approved and the performance of the technicians here is one of the best in London. Email to book your appointment.

The team work closely with reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists and hair transplant technicians – this has helped them create such revolutionary treatments that are tailored to the needs of their patients.

Here’s what you need to know about erasing imperfections with scar camouflage treatments

Only the best tattooing technicians will use the best quality equipment and prescriptive colours to produce results that you’ll be ecstatic with. They will be able to gently, yet skilfully implement pigments into the skin that is scar tissue to blend the discolouration away.

Of course, not all scars are the same and some can be very textured, but with digital needling this will smooth the skin as the body’s healing response will be stimulated therefore your scars will appear less textured. See what type of support is offered.

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